Carpet Cleaning in Cincinnati, Ohio

Need to find a dependable carpet cleaning service in Cincinnati? You just found one! Since 2005, Xtreme Clean 95 has provided reliable carpet cleaning services for homes and businesses in Cincinnati Ohio. We'd love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Call (513) 237-3331 for a free carpet cleaning quote. We'll work within your timeframe to schedule an appointment and assess your cleaning needs. Whether you frequently clean your Cincinnati carpets, or haven't had them cleaned since you moved in, Xtreme Clean 95 can help!

Regular Carpet Cleaning Improves Air Quality 

Your carpeting as a very important job. It serves as a giant air filter. Carpets trap airborne particles and hold them there making indoor air cleaner. However a filter can only hold so much before it stops working. In fact, walking across a dirty carpet actually releases some of the trapped particles resulting in airborne particles. Yuck! That is why it is important to vacuum carpets regularly and ideally call a professional Cincinnati carpet extraction contractor every 6 months.

Carpet Cleaning Extends The Life of Your Flooring Investment

Would you rub sandpaper on your carpet? Of course not. But once sand and dirt are in a carpet, simply walking on the carpet can damage the fibers the same way that sandpaper would. The result is frayed fibers and a prematurely worn carpet. Protect your investment through frequent vacuuming and semi-annual deep carpet cleanings in Cincinnati.

Call the Cincinnati Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Yes, you can run to your local DIY center and rent a steam cleaner in Cincinnati, then buy some basic carpet cleaning solutions and do the job yourself. However, those portable rentals just don't have the same power to fully agitate your carpets and extract excess water. The result: super wet carpets that stay damp for days and possibly begin to smell. And worse, they may not be much cleaner. Doing it yourself may save you some money, but it won't get the job done, and you may end up having to call a professional after the fact anyway. When you call (513) 237-3331 for carpet cleaning, you'll be dealing with a cleaning professional who will strive to complete each job properly, on time, and within your budget.

Embedded in your carpet are minute pieces of dirt, hair, dead skin, dust, mites, bacteria and more. There are many ways to clean your Cincinnati carpet, but Xtreme Clean 95 utilizes the most effective processes and products to get the job done right. When it comes to fast, thorough carpet cleaning in Cincinnati OH, no one beats Xtreme Clean 95's carpet cleaning service. Our cleaners have been cleaning carpets in and around Cincinnati since 2005.

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  • 5★★★★★ - "They were on time and took their time in cleaning and soft guarding my carpet. The carpet looks great and the house had a great smell. Great job."

    in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Took his time, not like other companies. Its smell so good and so clean will call again."

    in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Fred from Extreme Clean 95 came to do my carpets yesterday. I want to tell everyone I know what an awesome job he did. I have never had anybody clean my carpets as good as he did. I am a happy camper and I would definitely recommend this company to everyone out there. You won't be disappointed."

    in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "He was very professional, fast service, and removed 3 spots that I thought was not possible"

    in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Fred at Xtreme Clean is the real deal! This is the first time we have used Xtreme Clean and my carpets look brand new. He communicated every step of the way and was prompt, professional, and thorough. He actually took TIME on my carpets, unlike some other companies that are in and out so fast, they can’t possibly be effective! I will never use anyone else. If you were looking for great service, meticulous care, and an extremely fair price, this is the way to go!"

    in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "I am very satisfied with the service we received from Xtreme cleaning! All of my carpets look great! I will refer him any day!"

    , Carpet Cleaning in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Very very professional, and the service was great! I’ll be using this company again, and again!"

    in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "I had the greatest experience with Xtreme Cleaning. My carpets were extremely dirty (no pun intended), and now they are back to mint condition. Will definitely be calling back for further services"

    in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Outstanding Service !!! Showed up on time and was very nice!! I would highly recommend!!"

    in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "He is extremely professional. My carpet was very clean and smelled great all at a fair price. I definitely recommend Xtreme Cleaning to anyone 😁"

    in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "He is extremely professional. My carpet looks and smells great. I will definitely recommend him for your carpet cleaning needs."

    in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "He was on time and the job was done quickly. The service was greatly appreciated."

    in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "This company is precise and does a professional great job I would recommend them to everyone I know."

    in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Did great work very satisfied with the excellent work. Will recommend to anybody"

    , Carpet Stain Removal in Cincinnati, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Provided outstanding service !!! Showed up on time and was very nice!
    I would highly recommend.

    in Cincinnati, OH

  • 4★★★★☆ - "My carpet was very dirty. Thank God I was able to get an appointment quickly."

  • 5★★★★★ - "Omg! Love the way my carpet feels! On top of that y'all were punctual!"

    , Carpet Cleaning in Avondale, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "The carpet in my condo is the original carpet from 1995. When I bought this condo 11 1/2 years ago, the first thing I thought was to replace the carpet. Instead I had Xtreme Clean 95 come out and perform the pet treatment as well as a deep clean. The carpet no longer needs to be replaced. They did a fantastic job and exceeded all expectations. I will definitely recommend them to anybody and everybody."

    , Carpet Cleaning in Norwood, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "The staff was friendly and had plenty of advice on how to keep the carpet clean and when to get it cleaned in the future."

    in North College Hill, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Xtreme Clean was awesome! I called them and they offered to come the same day. They informed me of every part of the process and made sure my experience was superior. I was very pleased with their professionalism, knowledge, and the amazing job they did on my house."

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great experience. Fred G. was the representative that took care of the carpet and stairs in my condo. He was incredibly professional, explained everything thoroughly and did an excellent job. I had some tough stains that he got up and saved the carpet. I will definitely use them again."

    in Mason, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Such a professional! I was SO pleased with the results. Fred was very nice and informative. My carpet was disgusting. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats, so you can imagine � I highly suggest you use his company and NEVER use a rug doctor again!"

    , Carpet Cleaning in Reading, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "I recommend this to those who likes cleanliness at an affordable rate....
    Just got the inside of my car shampooed....and I am defitenly satisfied with the service.

    , Carpet Cleaning in Springdale, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Very professional, friendly, and my carpet is 100% cleaner!!!"

    in Mount Healthy, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "I called Xtreme Clean 95 2 days before a family gathering at my home. When I called them they were very professional, the owner's name is Fred, he was polite, on time, and cleaned my carpets like they were new. Thank you so much for your services, and I will be using, and recommending to all my friends, and family!"

    in Avondale, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Very professional went the extra mile to scrub carpets before shampooing them. I highly recommend xtreme clean."

    , Carpet Cleaning in Norwood, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Fred squeezed me in for an appt at the last minute and did an amazing job. My carpet looks brand new! I will definitely be utilizing his services again."

    in Carthage, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Very professional!! My carpets were very clean!! Pricing was very affordable!!"

    , Carpet Cleaning in Hyde Park, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great work in a timely manner! I recommend him and his company for any carpet cleaning service that is needed."

    , Carpet Cleaning in Deer Park, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "My experience is always the best. Very professional, and the service is always immaculate. I have never had a complaint. I would recommend Xtreme Clean to anyone I know."

  • 5★★★★★ - "I was putting up my Christmas tree and my carpet needed to be cleaned. I received a recommendation from a close friend who had used Extreme Clean 95. I was in a hurry to get it done. I called Fred and received an immediate response. He arrived on schedule, had all of the necessary equipment, quoted my price and stuck to it and no extras, professional and respectful. He cleaned every inch of my house. I have light colored carpets with 5 people using it. My only regret is Fred is no longer in Alabama."

  • 5★★★★★ - "Fred was great, lovely personality and the work he did was amazing. I have never seen my carpets this clean, definitely will be using his services again."

    in Blue Ash, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "I had a wonderful experience with this company. He was prompt, did an excellent job on the carpet and I was really pleased with the results. He removed all of the stains, it looks brand new again."

    , Carpet Cleaning

  • 5★★★★★ - "Fred with Xtreme Cleaning is absolutely wonderful! He was able to schedule our service very quickly and was professional and prompt. Our downstairs carpet looked so good after he completed it that we asked him to do an upstairs area that we had planned on replacing soon. Now it looks so good we'll wait longer to replace it -- my husband is thrilled! ;-)"

    , Carpet Cleaning in Pisgah, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Wonderful service. Very professional and kind. He made sure to get the job done no matter how tough it was! It was very easy to work with Fred and will most definitely be using his business in the future! Thank you!"

    , Carpet Cleaning in Ross, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Mr. Goins, service was very professional, and I highly recommend his services. Thank you so very much for the jobs you provided. I say jobs because he did my home and he also did my Mother's home."

    , Carpet Cleaning in Brookwood, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "I scheduled my first appointment with Xtreme Clean awhile back ago. I've had them back every few months since then due to heavy foot traffic, sports and the holidays. Well right after the New Year celebration I noticed my carpet had a few spots on it. I was concerned that was going to be a problem but he got them out! After each cleaning each room looks so fresh and clean! I am extremely pleased with the results. Now Xtreme Clean cleans my family, friends and neighbors too! Call them!
    Oh and for a bit more get the deodorizer! Whatever he uses it has the best scent!

    , Carpet Cleaning in Glendale, OH

  • "Fred contacted me immediately after my initial inquiry and was able to provide prompt cleaning services. He assessed the condition of my carpeting and recommended appropriate treatment and provided me with ways to protect and prolong the life of my carpet. He was very professional and provided an excellent service. I will definitely use xtreme clean carpet cleaning again when needed!"

    , Carpet Cleaning in Addyston, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "He was xtremely professional and he did an amazing job... #ThankYou"

    , Carpet Stain Removal in Norwood, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great experience! Planning to use them again!!"

  • 5★★★★★ - "Does an amazing job! Highly recommend this company!"

  • 5★★★★★ - "Fantastic"


    in Springdale, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "When you love what you do it's not work! Fred exceeded my expectations he went above and beyond.. he's very professional and was on time. People book your appointment today."

    , Carpet Stain Removal in Norwood, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Excellent, fast service. Very easy to set up a time for cleaning with great communication. I would recommend your service to friends and family"

    in Lebanon, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "On time, professional, friendly, fair, caring!"

  • 4★★★★☆ - "The job was done well and quickly. I was very satisfied. The two things I would suggest to do differently is my hardwood floors were left wet. I would suggest this be mopped or dried after work completion because it could be a fall hazard. I was in my socked feet and got them wet, I would have liked it be suggested to have had my shoes on during the visit. Nothing I was upset about, just suggestions that other homeowners might appreciate be done when they have service. Thanks so much!"

    , Floor Cleaning

  • 5★★★★★ - "The service was excellent. Professional and efficient. I will definitely use this service again."

    , Steam Cleaning in Reading, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "They will get you together took his time will be calling him back thanks again"

    , Tile & Grout Cleaning in Norwood, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Great job!"

  • 5★★★★★ - "Xtreme Clean 95 did excellent job. Fred was very knowledgeable."

    in Withamsville, OH

  • 4★★★★☆ - "Great communication and great results!"

  • 5★★★★★ - "They showed up on time and did an amazing job. They had me look over every room to make sure it was what I wanted and it looked great! I loved that they texted when they were on the way and all of the instructions too."

    in Mason, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Mr. Goins did a fantastic job. He was very polite and professional. My house looks amazing and I couldnt be happier."

    , Carpet Stain Removal in Loveland, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Had my car interior cleaned. No complaints. I highly recommend this company for your cleaning needs"

    , Steam Cleaning in West Chester, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "He was very professional,on time and did a amazing job on my floors oh and did I mention very affordable!!I will most definitely use him again!!!"

    , Wood Floor Cleaning in Fairmount, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Fred did an excellent job today after contacting him less than 24hrs ago. I highly recommend his services. Very professional thanks again Fred"

    , Odor Removal in Dunlap, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "The service was excellent. He was on time, polite and most of all, reasonable."

  • 5★★★★★ - "Very nice work done, very good job and very professional will highly recommend him"

    in Fairfield, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "I had a very dirty sofa and chair. Micro-fiber material and it was very light in color. I’m very pleased with the service from xtreme clean. My sofa and chair are clean as can be. I also bought the scotch guard treatment. The rates are so reasonable you can’t go wrong!"

    , Sofa Cleaning in Finneytown, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Fred cleaned our sofa for us, he did a great job very professional and polite. We have had it cleaned before but he is the only person who actually looked at the tag that told how it is to be cleaned (did not even know it was there) and told us our options on how it could be cleaned. We will use his services again!"

    , Sofa Cleaning in Blue Ash, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "We had a great experience with xtremeclean. Fred was prompt, friendly, and professional. Our carpet looks fresh and clean. Their pricing was fair. I would use this company again and recommend them highly."

    in Fairfield, OH

  • 5★★★★★ - "Awesome company and owner!! Super friendly, professional and efficient! My carpet and sofas never looked so good!!! Highly recommend and will be using them in the future!"

    , Sofa Cleaning in Fairmont, OH

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